Lasithi History of Lasithi

History of Lasithi

Lassithi is on the east part of the island, covering an area of 1,818 sq km and its population is 70,000 habitants. The capital of the prefecture is Agios Nikolaos, a picturesque harbour built in the Mirabello Bay. Its population is 10,000 inhabitants. This cosmopolitan port gathers all the elements a visitor may come across in the Prefecture. The wonderful atmosphere of the harbour with its fishing boats and traditional cafes, the developed tourism, the hospitable people and the vivid rhythm of everyday events are all an indication of the varicoloured texture of this special place.

Lassithi Prefecture has a part in the long Cretan history. It is a place with many remarkable Venetian, Turkish monuments and with important archaeological sites. The most well-known is the ancient Minoan Palace in Zakros.

During your visit to Lassithi Prefecture you will find that life has its own rhythm, the traditions are carefully followed and the people always take time to enjoy their most precious possession, the wonderful landscape of Lassithi.

Spinalonga is a small rocky islet, in the entrance of the lagoon. The name Spinalonga is Venetian (Spina=thorn, longa=long). Spinalonga, since antiquity, has protected the harbour of ancient Olous. It used to be one of the most powerful fortresses of the Venetian Crete and it was never conquered. Its high walls were built in 1579 and are preserved today intact. In 1630, it had 35 cannons. For half a century after the Turkish conquest of Crete, Spinalonga remained in the hands of the Venetians and was a refuge for many Christians who fled there to escape from the Turks. In 1715, the islet was handed over to the Turks with the conclusion of a treaty. From 1912 to 1958, the islet served as a sanatorium for the lepers of Crete. Today the entrance is free for the visitors who are attracted by its history and architecture.

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