Chania Museums & Monuments in Chania

Museums & Monuments in Chania

The museum is housed in the katholikon of the Venetian monastery of St. Francis. During the period of the Turkish occupation it was the Muslim mosque of Yussuf Pasha, while in modern times it was used as a cinema or a storehouse for military equipment. Since 1963 it has been functioning as the Archaeological Museum of the city. Apart from the permanent exhibition, the museum houses temporary exhibitions in the frame of certain local events (such as the exhibition of musical instruments or on the birth of writing), as well as music concerts.

The Naval Museum is located at the entrance of Fort Firka. The museum has a large and interesting collection of Greek maritime artifacts, ship models, paintings and historic photographs which detail the history of Crete.

Frangokastello is an important historical monument in the region of Chania, Crete. This castle was built in 1371-1374 BC. The construction work started by the Venetians, who had conquered Crete that time. In fact, this castle was set up to maintain a military base for the Venetian army. Apart from protecting the area and the properties of the noblemen from pirates and enemy attacks, this castle would also be used as a base for attacks in the inland of Crete, who was still resisting to the Venetian conquerors.

The Byzantine Museum houses a wonderful collection of Byzantine coins, carvings and frescos. The museum is located near the Naval Museum.

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