Rethymnon Sightseeings in Rethymnon

Sightseeings in Rethymnon

The Old City of Rethymnon has many sights worth seeing. Combining elements of Venetian and Ottoman architecture, picturesque alleyways, old minarets, elaborate fountains and, of course, the Venetian port, it is one of the most impressive ones in Greece

The focal point of Rethymnon is also the first thing you notice as you approach by sea. This Venetian fort was built in 1573 and was the main fortification of the city. Today it is its main concert and event venue. The Renaissance festival takes place there every summer – a very good opportunity to head on up to the fort. If you miss it, don’t fret: Every regular sunset will do. It looks great from up there.

You are bound to pass by it even if you are not looking for it. On the corner of Arkadiou and Palaiologou streets, this was where the nobles of yesteryear used to gather to discuss matters of policy and finance. One of the most impressive buildings in the city when it was built, during the 16th century, it is still preserved in pristine condition.

The Grand Gate (Porta Guora) is one of the few remaining parts of Rethymnon’s initial fortifications. Its arch survived both the Turkish Occupation and the Second World War – and is now the official entrance to the Old City.

A unique monument in Crete – no other Cretan city ever had a clock tower.

This used to be the Church of Mary of Augustinians during the Venetian Occupation, but was converted into the Gazi Hussein, or Nerantze Mosque in 1657 by the Turks. There are five mosques still standing in Rethymnon today – the Nerantze is the largest and best preserved. On the corner of Ethnikis Antistasseos and Em. Vernardou streets, today it serves as the Rethymnon Musical Academy

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